Is it safe to travel to Kraków during Coronavirus time?

It is safe to visit Kraków!

We understand You might be worried about Your health due to the Coronavirus situation and You don’t know if You should come to Kraków. That’s why we prepared some basic Q&A that will help You get a view on a situation in Poland and hopefully decrease Your concerns.


We would like to assure you that Coronavirus is not a reason to cancel a trip to our the beautiful city of Krakow (of course if you are not planning to arrive from one of the most affected by coronavirus countries).

Unfortunately, due to the government’s decision all museums, cinemas and other cultural institutions are closed for 2 weeks.

Despite this fact, there are still a lot of cool city attractions to see ( Main Square, Jewish Quarter, Kopiec Kościuszki, Zakrzówek and many others). You can enjoy walking and visiting either tourist areas or trendy hipster local spots. So, you still have an opportunity to visit local bars and pubs and try the best kraft beers 🙂 Or maybe you prefer walking and discovering local street art on old buildings?

As you are visiting a foreign city, just remember to keep some basic rules and think about your safety. Such as keeping up hygiene when washing hands or taking a shower. You will also find anti-bacteria gel stands in all public places. It seems like no reason to worry, right? 😉


Are there restrictions on entering and leaving Poland?

That’s not a secret that cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed in many countries of the world, including in Poland.

In response to the current situation, additional precautions are being taken at airports in Poland to screen passengers from Italy. Several airlines have canceled all flights to and from Italy. There are also sanitary controls at all borders, where the temperature check of all travelers taking place.

If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 on arrival you may be taken to a hospital to undergo further testing. Polish Border Guards are working in cooperation with Health and Sanitation Inspectors to do all necessary checks. Don’t worry, our Border Guards will not let into the country any travelers with suspected disease.

How many Covid-19 cases are there in Kraków?

Currently there is only 1 case in Kraków.

Are there any restrictions imposed on public life?

Based on the government’s decision all schools, universities, museums, cinemas and other cultural institutions are closed for 2 weeks. All big outdoor and indoor events are canceled in order to combat the spread of the virus.

What about public transportation?

No worries! There is no reason to avoid public buses and trams as they have really developed structures and you can get to basically every part of the city. They are all working due to a normal schedule. But, as it also exposes You to contact with many people you should avoid touching the interior as much as you can and always disinfect Your hands.


Stay safe and come to Kraków!
No worries! There is no reason to avoid public buses and trams as they have really developed structures and you can get to basically every part of the city. They are all working due to a normal schedule. But, as it also exposes You to contact with many people you should avoid touching the interior as much as you can and always disinfect Your hands.
As long as you remember about the basic hygiene rules there is no reason to get crazy about the virus. Wash Your hands, use a hand sanitizer, don’t touch your face, avoid close contact with strangers, especially in public spaces as airports, transportation, etc. and it will all be alright 🙂

At Mosquito Hostel we do our best to ensure the safety of our guests. This includes extra cleaning of the common areas and bathrooms and well-trained staff to cater to your needs and concerns. There is no need to cancel your long-awaited opportunity to have a great trip and get to know our beautiful city and stay at Mosquito hostel!

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Best lakes and swimming spots for summer days in Cracow!

Are you coming to Cracow during summertime? We want to get you introduced to some of the best lakes and swimming spots in Cracow! Enjoy!


Bagry Lake

Located only 5 km away from the city centre in Płaszów district Bagry Lake is a great option when you need a splash during sunny days! Has few specially designated beaches so all the comfort of the seaside at the reach of your hand. And if you like extreme sports… WakePark Bagry is open every day during the summer from 10am to 8pm and it’s great fun!







However, Zakrzówek lake is currently closed for swimming and diving this a great spot to see and you can still walk around it to take some snaps of these amazing cliffs…



View of the scenic flooded mine - Zakrzowek lake in Krakow, Poland



Kryspinów Lake

Around 20 minutes journey from the city and here we are… Kryspinów Lake with large beaches and possibility to learn windsurfing too!





Aqua Park Kraków

Aqua Park is a great spot if you’re looking to have some fun in the water or just looking for a day to slow down… It’s full of different water slides, rapid river, rock climbing walls and many many others! You can also just use sauna or jacuzzi for a nice day of relaxation! Aqua Bar is involved too 🙂










See you in the water! Or by the beach bar 🙂

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Cracow Film Music Festival vol.12

Are you visiting Cracow between 14th and 21st May? You are lucky then because…

This highest quality music festival is coming to Cracow! One of the most important festivals in the world, and just perfect for music and film lovers. FMF vol.12 – Film Music Festival organised by Cracow Festival Office and RMF Classic is taking place between 14th and 21st of May. If you are in Cracow then – make sure you check the programme for some amazing concerts.



There is a beautiful Disney concert (on 17th and 21st) as well as Dracula live in (15.05) or Birdman live in (17.05) concerts. Also, Dance2Cinema- Tarantino Unchained (18.05) where you can dance along some of the best hits from Tarantino movies. Sound fun right? There are many more..

To find out the whole programme and ticket prices check the official website here 🙂 

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Independent Fashion Fair KIERMASH 2019

Are you visiting Cracow next week and you are here between 11 and 12 May?


Are you into fashion or just looking to do some nice shopping for coming hot days?Would you like to see some of the best independent polish fashion designers and their work? Or just grab an amazing coffee, some good burgers and see what is going on in Polish world of fashion?


KIERMASH – independent fashion fair that take place at Cracovia Stadium between 11-12 May (10am-7pm everyday). Entrance is free!



You will get a chance to see and buy some great clothes, underwear, jewelry and loads of accessories (sunglasses, backpacks etc) as well as you will taste some amazing street food at food trucks, great fresh coffee will be there too. Amazing idea on how to spend a cloudy day in Cracow! Also, there will be another market with plants for all the house jungle lovers. Feel the summer vibe!

This is the event from Polish Design Festival called “Do rzeczy” so stay updated for more information about upcoming events.

To sign up for the facebook event go here 🙂

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Easter time in Poland

Yes it is right! It’s Easter time now and as you could probably have guessed before, we polish people love to celebrate all sort of holidays. And it’s exactly the same with Easter Break. It is one of the greatest, most colorful and joyful holidays as the Spring is already here and we are getting very excited about it. So, the Holy Week it’s a great time when all different events are held and you could experience some real traditional polish folk culture. Here are some most important and most celebrated parts of Polish Easter:

Palm Sunday

First day of the Holy Week when all the Christians celebrate the end of Lent. Everyone comes to church with amazing palms. And it sometimes seems like a competition! Palms can get so tall and beautiful you could really call them a piece of art. And people can spend weeks or even months to make them look the most sophisticated way possible.

Holy Saturday


Amazing tradition when all the families bring traditional meals like: sausage, eggs, butter and so on in customary baskets to the churches from the morning in order for them to be blessed so the can then they can eat them day after together with their families.


And that’s just one of many ways to decorate an Easter egg.

Easter Sunday

On this day ceremonies ending Paschal Triduum are held in church but also we treat these day as an amazing occasion to gather with our aunties, uncles, grandams and grandpas to celebrate this amazing time and our polish Easter culture.


And this what our Easter table usually looks like: different type of cured meats, eggs, meat jellys and polish salads, żurek soup (sour rye soup) and babka wielkanocna (type of cake).

Easter Monday – Śmingus Dyngus!

Ok, now we get to the most fun day of all Easter! It is called Śmigus Dyngus and on this days traditionally guys used to spank girls with water but now everybody just does it. And it is a great fun, your inner child has the best chance to come out! Let’s hope for a hot day so we can all get refreshed and (almost literally) dive into some polish culture.



If by any chance you would be coming to Zakopane on Monday 22nd, there are really cool skiing competitions going on, to find out more check the link below.

Easter Egg Skiing Competition

Hope you enjoy your Easter break in Poland!




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Top 5 vegan places

Are you looking for some vegetarian or vegan restaurants that would make your stay in Krakow even better? Well, look no more! Here we present our top 5 favourite places that will fill you bellies with delicious non-meat meals!

Glonojad, Plac Matejki 2



 Just 5 minutes away from our hostel, this place offers a vast variety of breakfast, lunches and vege-cookies.

Chimera, Św. Anny 3



 Located right next to the main square, Chimera is welcoming not only with indulging smell from the buffet-like stalls but also enchanting decorations. There are plants, bricks and art everywhere you look! Can you imagine enjoying you dinner in any better surrounding?

Vegab, Starowiślna 6




 And here comes something special – finally you can enjoy meatless, gluten free (and full of healthy veggies) kebab! Choose one of the four options and simply enjoy this heavenly food.

Hamsa Hummus & Happiness Israeli Restobar, Szeroka 2



  In the middle of Jewish Quarter you can find and impressive building with all the vegan good you can only imagine. Don’t forget to snap some pictures, as your dinner here will not only please your tastes but also aesthetics.

Nova Krova, Wolnica 12


  Saying shortly: vegan burger and home-made fries? Oh yes, please!

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All Saints’ Day

The 31st of October, the date well-known to everybody, is celebrated globally as the day of spookiness and monstrousness. However, it is the day right after Halloween that is so important in Polish culture. 



The 1st of November is called All Saints’ Day. In Christian belief it is a day when the bond between those in heaven and the living is the strongest. In Poland people spend this day with their families, visiting the deceased on their graves. The purpose of it is to give a thought or prayer to the ones that are no longer around, tell some old stories and keep the memory of them still alive in the next generations. 



In the evening, after sundown, all the cemeteries are glowing with the candle light. Big or small, decorative or simple, candles are crucial part of the holiday. The bright and warm fire wrapped around the graveyard and the people creates special and heart-warming atmosphere. 




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