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Here comes the sun ­čśë

21st of March – first day of spring ;-))

Sun is coming, flowers are growing and warm wind is blowing! Everything seems to be nicer and better just feel the spirit of sprint!

In every first day of spring in Poland we are practicing old pogan tradition of spring – SINKING OF MARZANNA

Sinking of Marzanna is an old pagan custom. According to some sources “Marzanna” was a goddess which was offered grains after harvest in hope to ensure good crop the following year. According to other sources she was a goddess or death or winter. The name of “Marzanna” could originate from “marzec”, Polish name for month “March” since the ceremony was taking place in March.

Usually children and young adults took part in the ceremony. Marzanna puppet doll was walked through the houses of the village. In the evening she was taken away from the village illuminated by burnt jupiter branches which partly burned her. The burned marzanna was finally sunk in the river. This ceremony would be probably long forgotten if not an attempt to restore old pagan habits in place of Christian tradition by a communistic government.

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