Jazz Juniors Festival

The International Contest of Young Jazz Bands


1.12 – 5.12

Jazz is the music that stirs those unique chords of whose existence we have not even been aware. Jazz is the special atmosphere of those artistic unforgotten places and meetings which we leave delighted, better and richer.

Jazz is the International Contest of Young Jazz Bands “JAZZ JUNIORS,” which has been held for 36 years at Rotunda in Cracow.

In Poland, jazz means Leszek Możdżer, Krzysztof Ścierański, Tomasz Stańko, Zbigniew Wegehaupt, Marek Bałata, Niedzielowie brothers, Pospieszalscy brothers, the bands New Presentation, Walk Away, Miłość i.e. the laureates of the consequtive editions of our contest, but also those young, novice musicians of whom we do not know much yet, but who may soon shake the jazz stage.

Each year, “Jazz Juniors” contest brings to light young jazz talents, which reinforce the polish and european jazz stage. For more than ten years, the Festival has been of an international character. It creates an attractive musical platform for the common, innovative international projects, whose only chance to emerge is here.

“Jazz Juniors” is also a unique chance to hear the greatest jazz stars in Cracow. Each year we make effort to create as interesting Festival program as possible to satisfy the needs of jazz enthusiasts in the city.

The Festival is connected with the greatest figures from the polish jazz stage, who actively and creatively influence its artistic shape and the uniqueness of the artistic events performed here. The event provides ideal conditions for the confrontation between the artists already acclaimed and those who are making their own musical debut.

Jazz Juniors Festival also constitutes musical projects which often become undisputed cultural events widely commented on in the press, the Internet or in broadcasting stations. Each year, we produce a project which takes place “only here and now,” which makes it unusually important and valuable.
It allows interesting musical experiments, which establishes Cracow as a city innovative in its approach to the jazz tradition.

36th edition of the festival will be produced according to the finest standards of the world class festivals. Jazz enthusiasts will be offered a new formula of the presentation of musical events – new places, fresh musical concepts and new original formula – where we will, first of all, reveal the european improvised music along with its roots and folklore to the community of Cracow.
We will thus see and hear specially prepared musical projects of artists, among others, from Chech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and certainly from the polish jazz milieu. It will therefore constitute a musical feast of several days coming in an attractive promotional and medial frame.

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