Cracow Reggae Festival


Club „Kwadrat”,  Kraków


CRF 2013 Before Party, will be held on Friday, 1st of  March 2013 in the club „Pod Jaszczurami” (Kraków, Old Town).

On the stage: Dancehall Masak – Rah and others.  


ImageCRF2013 concert schedule is as follows:

Friday  8.03.2013:
*Grubson & BRK (11:30pm-??)
*Natural Dread Killaz (9:30pm-11:00pm)
*Tallib & Sztoss (8:00pm-9:00pm)
*Mesajah (6:30pm – 9:30pm)

Saturday 9.03.2013:
*Vavamuffin (11:30pm-??)
*Ras Luta & Riddim Band (9:30pm-11:00pm)
*Tabu (8:00pm-9:00pm)
*EastWest Sound (Kuba1200 & Cheeba)   (6:30pm – 9:30pm)


event will be hosted: Dj Bart & Dur Men Jr.
dancehall Malwina “Cytryna” Żygowska

start: 6:00pm.

day tickets 39pln (pre-sale)/ 45pln (at the day of the event) *** 2-day pass 69pln(pre-sale)/79pln ((at the day of the event).

You can buy tickets:
Club „Kwadrat”,  Skarżyńskiego 1 *** Club „Pod Jaszczurami”,  Rynek Główny 8 *** Club „Dziekanat”, Pędzichów 23

Cheaper tickets for before party (price: 15pln) must be purchased with a ticket collectors for Cracow Reggae Festival 2013 (one-day or pass).

More info:



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