DOPE D.O.D in Krakow!!!!

This Friday, 17th of May, 20:00 Krakow 

Dope DOD again in Poland with the most recent tour –  “Da Roach” the latest album premiere!


Dope DOD consists of three artists Dopey Rotten, Jay Reaper and Skits Vicious.  Peter Songolo is their producer and Dr. Diggles their DJ

International career of this Dutch group from Groeninge started in January 2011 when clip to “What Happened” was realesed.  It’s hit over 11 million views so far! 

Not long after that Dope DOD realised their first EP called “The evil EP” and first album “Branded” 

Both the EP and the album clearly present distinctive style of the group, African roots, futuristic beats and rough, dirty rap style making Dope DOD a hardcore Dutch response to  hip-hop from the UK.

 In June of the same year, at the special invitation of Fred Durst who saw  “What Happened” Dope DOD did European tour with Limp Bizkit, and was their opening performer as well as  Korn’s during their U.S. tour. 

After a series of performances at major European festivals: Rock en seines, Printemps de Bourges, Eurockeenes (France), Dour Festival (Belgium), Monegros Dessert Fest (Spain) Best Fest (Romania), Lowlands (Netherlands), Hip Hop Kemp (Czech Republic ), The Great Escape (UK), and Sziget (Hungary) and  very successfull autumn tournee at European clubs, the band focused on creating another fantastic  album “Da Roach”! 

“Da Roach”  world premiere will be on April 19, 2013, the record features the following guest artists: Redman, Kool Keith, Onyx , Sean Price, and producers Peter Songolo,ChuBeats, Maztek, Bong Ra and Nightwatch from Noisia! You can not miss it! 

“We decided to call it Da Roach, because The Cockroach, the only living creature on earth that can survive a nuclear disaster. Our album is gonna be a classic and our music will survive. Thats why it is… Da Roach.”

 “Da Roach” is what the guys from Dope DOD made us used to,  the group again “goes against the flow” playing with the rules of marketing. 

“Da Roach” is a mix of drum n ‘bass, dubstep and jungle, but in the center of interest and influence remains the hip-hop. 


As they say: Da Roach is an album of dark gloomy climate and heavy, industrial sound. Lyrisc are  much more diverse and varied than our previous release. This ain’t horrorcore, it’s a Stephen King thriller

DOPE D.O.D grime / hip-hop – Netherlands / dopedoddopedod 

BC (Gangsteppaz / Hunter) 

PZG ( 

WYSOKI LOT / wysokilot

 Dope D.O.D. – What Happened (Official Video) 

ticket’s price: 39/49 available on, in the studio Rock’n’Ink st. Grodzka 14/16 club, Square Street. Skarzynski 1 and 15 April in the Ticketpro network (Empik stores, Saturn, Mediamarkt)


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