10th Museum Night in Krakow

10th  Museum Night in Krakow

17/18 May 2013


Motto of this year’s  Krakow Museum Night is “Collection- share your passion!” The event will be attended by 27 museums and museum branches will take part in the event.


10th Museum Night will be inaugurated on May 17 (Friday) at 6 pm in the Czapski Palace – Jozefa Pilsudskiego St 10-12 (National Museum in Krakow)


27 museums and its branches are involved in the event (total of nearly 50 museum institutions).  That includes for example Historical Museum of Krakow, the Archaeological Museum, the National Museum in Krakow, Ethnographic Museum. Seweryna Udzieli, Museum of Japanese Art and Technology “Manggha”, Museum of the Jagiellonian University Collegium Maius, Museum of the History of Photography. Valery Rzewuski, Museum of Urban Engineering, the Polish Aviation Museum, the Museum of the Home Army. Also Royal Castle Museum in Niepołomice and  Salt Mine in Wieliczka.



Most of the museums will be open from  19.00. To enter the museums one needs a special ticket (it’s free).  Similary to previous years you can buy special themed coin that costs 1 PLN. Both the coin and the ticket will entitle to free public transportation.


Before the official opening of the Night,  Museum of Urban Engineering and Automobile Club Krakow invites you to classic car show on the Market Square (16:30-17:30). The leading theme of the show are sports cars. About 17:30 the cars will go from the Cloth Hall to the Museum on Piłsudskiego  12 where the Museum Night will be offcialy inaugurated. 

Admission to all museums is free, but in some museums have limited number of visitors. Reservation will be necessary for a tour to park in Branice organized by the Archaeological Museum (address: wozniak@ma.krakow.pl), the workshop “From artifact to performance”  in Pharmacy Under the Eagle (number of tickets: 15-20, booking: tel 12 426 50 60), to the workshops organized by the Museum of the Old Theatre (rezerwacja@stary.pl, tel 12 422 40 40), the guided tours of the Library of Professor Porębski in MOCAK (every 30 minutes, a 15-person groups, records: biblioteka@mocak.pl), to the tour to Museum in Wieliczka Salt Mine (reservations from May 11th to availability, Tel: 12 278 58 49). 


Priority for visiting museums that are part of Historical Museums of Krakow – the Town Hall,Underground Museum, and guided tours for Schindler Factory and Pharmacy under the Eagle will have people who made a reservation through  www.bilety.mhk.pl. To enter Underground museum without reservation go there between 18:00-20:45, and between  21:00-23:45 if you booked in advance.


If it comes to National Museum in Krakow there is limited number of visitors for brand new Museum of Emeryk Hutten-Czapski (reservations: jzychowska@muzeum.krakow.pl) and – the presentation of the European Cultural Center building EUROPEUM in the old Granary (in order to come, tour is about 30 minutes).




14.00-22.00 stand of a newspaper  “Gazeta Krakowska”  by the Defencive Walls near to Pijarska St (special photos will be taken, you’ll get chance to get a special coin).


May 18, 2013 (Saturday) at. 15.00 in the Garden of Experience (Museum of Urban Engineering) will take place on a Great Experiment with horses trying to separate two Magdeburg hemispheres, prepared by members of the Society of Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg


IMPORTANT!  People who are going to visit the museums can use public transport FOR FREE between 18:00 May 17 (Friday)and 3:00 May 18 (Saturday. The free pass will be available for those who have special token or ticket for the museum.




When X Night of Museums in Krakow (17/18 May) Local Communication Krakow will function according to the weekend (Saturday / holiday) schedules.Furthermore, additional lines will be launched:

• Tram line 60 – Museum of Urban Engineering – – Św. Wawrzyńca, Na Zjeździe, Limanowskiego, Krakowska, Św. Gertrudy, Dominikańska, Franciszkańska, Piłsudskiego, Al. 3 Maja – CICHY KĄCIK – Al. 3 Maja, Piłsudskiego, Podwale, Basztowa, Westerplatte, Starowiślna, Św. Wawrzyńca – Museum of Municipal Engineering.

Line 60 will do  three courses in each direction and will leave the train stop “Central Station” at  0:00, 1:00 and 2:00

• Bus line 600 – (Army Museum) MUZEUM ARMII KRAJOWEJ – Wita Stwosza, Basztowa, Lubicz, Kotlarska – LIPOWA (w rejonie muzeum Schindlera) – Klimeckiego – Al. Powstania Warszawskiego – Lubicz, Pawia – Wita Stwosza – MUZEUM ARMII KRAJOWEJ ( Army Museum).

Line 600 will do three courses in each direction and will stop “Central Station” in the Army Museum direction at 0:00, 1:00, 2:00 and in the direction of Schindlers factory at 0:30, 1:30 and 2:30.

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