Shooting stars – make a wish tonight!

Perseid 2013: Meteor shower reaching its peak



Hopefully, even though we’re in Krakow, city lights and pollutions won’t ruin annual Perseid meteor shower for us. Perseids are meteors created by leftover bits of a comet Swift-Tuttle. The weather is going to be friendly, no clouds and the Moon on the West will let us enjoy the show- Just focus on northern-east part of the sky.

The 2013 Perseid meteor shower will peak in the late overnight hours of Monday (Aug. 12), and could light up the night sky with up to 100 meteors an hour for stargazers with the best viewing conditions.


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I'm an orange mosquito who came to Krakow and settle down here for good. And you know what - I don't even think to fly away from this place, not a chance! Why don't you join me in this amazing place..@ Mosquito Hostel in Krakow, Poland
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