Valentine’s Day

Of all the cities in Poland to spend Valentine’s Day, Krakow may be the best. Though Krakow in Febuary experiences a lingering winter chill, the city’s active and scenic center still sets the mood for couples who travel here to celebrate the most romantic day of the year.


Valentine’s Day Activities in Krakow

Valentine’s Day wasn’t always acknowledged in Poland, but this international holiday is readily recognized in Krakow, which needs no excuse to host events and performances. Look for special Valentine’s Day concerts in the center, including operatic performances and symphony music.

If you take your time, breaking up strolls along historic streets with stops in cafes, sightseeing can be a romantic Valentine’s break activity in itself. Old Town Krakow is so thick with history, its structures and thoroughfares so steeped in legend, that viewing them when you’re in the city is a must. Additionally, even if the day is cold, a blue sky behind St. Mary’s Church or Wawel Castle offers the opportunity for beautiful photo memories.

If you don’t want to walk but still want an overview of the sights in Old Town Krakow, consider hiring a horse and carriage for a brief tour around the old center. The clomp of horses’ hooves on the cobblestones is reminiscent of the Krakow of old, and you’ll be able to place yourselves in the shoes of past travelers experiencing the city for the first time.

Shopping for souvenirs and gifts can be a romantic activity for couples in Krakow. Browse for amber jewelry, a permanent memento of your romantic vacation, at various shops throughout the city or at the Cloth Hall, where vendors sell a variety of handmade crafts and Polish traditional goods. Or if you enjoy local spirits, find a bottle of vodka you can share when you return home. packing glass bottles in your luggage is less risky than it might seem if you wrap them carefully and mindfully.

To escape the chilly weather, consider taking a day of your trip to visit some of Krakow’s museums. Wawel Castle is an obvious place to start with its bejeweled royal chapels and the private chambers of kings and queens, but museums throughout the city are dedicated to Krakow’s history, art, and more, depending on your interests.


Romantic Restaurants in Krakow

Dining out in Krakow promises to be a delicious experience. Unhurried European-style service means you can take your time over your meal, whether you choose traditional Polish cuisine or something else. Top off your meal with a decadent dessert or a glass of flavored vodka to warm you before returning back to your hotel.

Restaurants on Market Square have built their reputations over centuries of service, so if you want to dine in grand Krakow tradition, consider one of these restaurants for a filling Valentine’s Day meal. You might dine under medieval arches that reflect candlelight just as in days of old or in a restaurant decorated like a 19th-century palace. For example, Restaurant Wierzynek is a restaurant renowned for its location, service, and long list of famous diners, and it’s also on several “best of” Krakow restaurant lists.

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