Polish Dumpling Festival is here!

The 12th Pierogi Festival is happening right now on the Small Market Square in Kraków. Once again Kraków’s restaurants compete for two statuettes: King Casimir the Great (awarded by the public), and St. Jacek with Pierogi, awarded by a jury of specialists. The programme also features concerts and accompanying events. You don’t want to miss the best festival this summer!



Do you know the Polish dumplings? they are made of dough with different fillings – first boiled, then they are baked or fried usually in butter with onions – traditionally stuffed with potatos, ground meat, mashrooms, cheese, or fruit. They are cousins to Ukrainian Varenyky or Russian Pelmeni. 



It is one of the most traditional dish in Polish cusine and we couldn’t imagine Christmas without it. During the festival you can try not only the basic ones, but also different kinds for example with goose and mint, lentils and cottage cheese, veal and buckwheat. Sweet, savoury, with sauce, crackling, cream… Whatever you wish!



About mosquitohostel

I'm an orange mosquito who came to Krakow and settle down here for good. And you know what - I don't even think to fly away from this place, not a chance! Why don't you join me in this amazing place..@ Mosquito Hostel in Krakow, Poland
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