Things you can do in Kraków for under 5€

Kraków is by far the most interesting city in Poland for tourists, and it’s also easy to reach for most people. It is full of attractions even if you travel on a limited budget. There is so many places to see almost for free that coming here is afordable for all backpackers:) If you are wondering what is a must to do activity here’s a little list to help you:

mosquito hostel zapiekanka

1. Eat Zapiekanka in the Jewish Quarter

Famous in Kraków best take out food. Fast and filling but also delicious! Best place to buy it? Okrąglak on Plac Nowy Square! It is a big round building in the centre of the district. Around it  you can dig through stuff selled on the flea market or relax in Alchemia on the corner – one of the most famous bars in Kraków.

mosquito hostel okraglak

2. Learn about the city! Join FREE WALKING TOUR

Are you a kind of tourist that needs to know everything? Or just likes to get some basic information and interesting facts about the city? Join a free walking tour. It is a perfect way to get to know the place better but at the same time it is not a never-ending and boring pilgrimage around the historical centre. The tour takes two hours and meeting point is always in front of St. Mary’s Church on the Main Square. It goes every single day: 10:30am around the Old Town and 2pm around the Jewish Quarter. If you liked it, please leave a small tip for the guide 😉

mosquito hostel free walking tour krakow

3. Buy multiple beers or shots in Pijalnia

We have a few bars in Kraków (occupied by students and tourists almost all the time) where a price for a beer or a shot is excatly 4,00PLN. It is a perfect pre-drink/pre-lush /pre-game place where you can put yourself into a good mood before fancier and of course way more expensive club. Try different kinds of vodka or some local shots such as a mad dog – vodka with raspberry juice and tabasco – amazing combination!



4. Buy obwarzanek just don’t share it with the peguins!

Obwarzanek is a typical for Kraków kind of a bread roll. It is very similar to a bagel but it is somewhat bigger and has a wider hole. You can buy it almost on every corner while walking through the Old Town.

mosquito hosel obwarzanek

5. Go on a nice long walk and visit Kościuszki Mound

A little bit of the city centre there is an amazing place to enjoy rollerskating, jogging or cycking aroun błonia – big park in Kraków. Very close to it you can climb on the most famous mound in Kraków – Kościuszki Mound. It is a perfect overlook point for the city and entrance is only 10,00PLN. For free you can visit another mound in Kraków – Krakus Mound. Especially during night you can admire from there a spectacular Kraków panorama.

mosquito hostel mound

About mosquitohostel

I'm an orange mosquito who came to Krakow and settle down here for good. And you know what - I don't even think to fly away from this place, not a chance! Why don't you join me in this amazing place..@ Mosquito Hostel in Krakow, Poland
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