Kraków during Summer Time

Summer gives you unlimited opportunities to spend your free time in Kraków. Check some ideas below:) Krakow during the summertime vibrates with energy and its calendar is full of events! Days filled with sunshine and blue sky are a perfect background for excellent photographic opportunities. A trip to any traveler-friendly Polish city during the summer season means dealing with large crowds, Krakow handles the spike in tourist numbers with a practiced hand, making sure that those who choose to visit during the months of June, July, or August will enjoy their time spent in Poland’s cultural capital. For sporty types it provides a variety of attractions for active people, far away from crazy crowds.

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Krakow Summer Animation Days is an outdoor event annualy se on Mały Rynek so in the heart of the Old Town. For it’s 7th edition you will have a unique opportunity to see world famous and rewarded on various festivals animation movies. Entrance is free!

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Over 30 days of live music till 31st July, almost 100 concerts, nearly 200 artists. The opening June concert by Nigel Kennedy is now behind us, but we can go stargazing throughout July – and not only in the night sky. The jazz giant Herbie Hancock, the Grammy-awarded Robert Glasper Trio and a prestigious guitar competition, the star-studded Jazz Night… And that’s just some of the attractions of the 20th Summer Jazz Festival at Piwnica Pod Baranami. Plenty of anniversary fun!

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While leaving the city you need to take advantage of the charms that are provided bicycle route Kraków-Tyniec. The total route length is less than 12 kilometers, so even novice cyclists should not have problems with defeating it. Being in Tyniec you simply have to visit the Benedictine abbey, existing in this place since 1044 years, which can be visited during limited hours, and where you can stock up on hand-prepared by the brothers products.

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Zakrzówek Lake located in Kraków was named one of the new 7 Wonders of Poland by National Geographic Traveler Magazine.
With it’s white high cliffs and perfect for diving clear water it was chosen in a plebiscite among 15 different places. it’s a perfect place for a hot summer day or a picnic!

zakrzowek krakow mosquito hostel


Do you like sport? Do you enjoy sight seeing? How about mixing those two? Join a new Kraków Running Tour! It is an alternative of a free walking tour for active tourists!

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