Along with the beginning of March the National Museum in Krakow greeted us with new exciting exhibition: Comics Now!

Who is Bezrobotny Froncek [Jobless Froncek]? Was he once more popular than Mickey Mouse? Where was Koziołek Matołek [Silly Billy] going? Whose dog is Filuś, and what is Miluś the dragon afraid of? Can a turtle be a symbol of a superhero? You will find answers to these and other questions at the exhibition

Comics Now!, open from 2 March until 22 July 2018..

– says official description from Museum’s website.


The exhibition takes you for a journey into over 150 years of Polish and European comic stories. You will get a chance to see unique magazines people used to crack up to during war time, beautiful illustrations in its first original edition as well as many of beloved comic characters in form of toy figures, stickers or even candy wrappers.

Just as comics themselves, the display attracts with its colours and joyful atmosphere. The interactivity and design will for sure make you feel as part of the comic world.

And if you need any more encouragement, let’s just mention that the exhibition was designed by Martyna, a receptionist from your favourite Mosquito Hostel 🙂

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The Magic of Christmas ♥

As Kraków is getting colder with every day and the first snow starts falling from the sky, it’s a great reminder of upcoming Christmas season! And as many popular and cultural cities in Europe, Kraków also annually organizes a Christmas Market on the Main Market Square. This season again for about a month the center of the city will change into a festive, magical place full of Holiday spirit!

You can not miss this event as there are so many amazing things to try and see. Traditionally, it always starts in the last week of November and this year the grand opening is planned for 25th November. However most booths will open today(!) already. The event is attracting more visitors from around the world every year and it has been named one of the top 10 Christmas Markets in the world!



What’s planned?

Kraków’s Christmas Market is not only about shopping! The organizers prepared a long and diverse programme to make every day special. Get ready for many concerts of professional bands or musicians, as well as children performances and local schools’ youth caroling. Speaking of children, don’t forget to take them for a meeting with Santa December 6th! The President of Kraków will also show up to symbolically share a communion wafer with citizens. Moreover there will be a special Christmas Tram cruising around the city, inviting passerbies to ride for free and to visit the market. Many charitable events are also planned to help the poorest residents and hospital patients to celebrate this important season as well.

christmas tram


What to eat and drink?

As always food will play a great role this coming season. If outside is cold and frosty start with warming yourself with some hot chocolate or mulled wine served from a huge barrow and known as grzaniec galicyjski. Once you’re warm there are many possibilities of (not only) Polish cuisine that you couldn’t try in one day. Before trying many hot and nutritious dishes like bigos or kiełbasa try as a starter oscypek (a type of smoked cheese made in Polish mountains). It tastes the best grilled with a bit of cranberry souse.

mulled wine


What to buy?

Once you are warm and well fed it is time to look around the shops and maybe find some gifts for the loved ones. The variety of items that can be purchased includes Christmas decoration, lewellery, pottery, metalwork, paintings, sculptures and more… It’s also worth mentioning candy stores that look simply amazing and provide colorful sweets like candies, lollipops, ginger breads and fudge.



Why is Nativity Scene important to see?

The Kraków Nativity Scenes is a unique style of art in the whole world and the tradition of making them comes from 19th century. Those beautiful and incredibly detailed sculptures are exhibited thanks to the annual contest. Every year on first Thursday of December (7th Dec 2017) around noon in front of Adam Mickiewicz monument in the Main Square crib makers are gathered in order to show their newest crafts. Families and tourists and TV camera operators’ teams surround them with admiration and the winner is revealed later by a special Jury (Museum’s Director, ethnologists, art historians, artists, employees of Historical and Ethnographic Museums). After the competition it is possible to admire contest’s exhibition, which takes place on the Krzysztofory Palace ground floor.


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Sacrum Profanum 2017



Sacrum Profanum  start on 26 September and finish on 1 October, it’s a time of magnificent music which will take you to unreal Word.

Sacrum Profanum Festival is an international project that has earned the status of one of the most interesting European music events. The festival presents newest music and is aimed at blurring the line between contemporary music, often treated as difficult and incomprehensible, and the developments of ambitious entertainment and the experimental scene. Its importance is created, on one hand, by the participation of the best ensembles playing contemporary music, e.g. Ensemble Modern, Alarm Will Sound, Bang on a Can All-Stars, Kronos Quartet, and, on the other hand, by the presence of stars of the world alternative scene, including Aphex Twin, Jónsi, Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead), Adrian Utley (Portishead), Kraftwerk and Sigur Rós. „ – this short descriptions perfectly shows festival’s atmosphere.


Avant-garde, erotica, post-internet, Romanian Spectralism, early music, musical outsiders… A total of six days, twenty concerts, a plethora of uncomfortable questions and as many satisfying answers.

Everything about this amazing event (tickets, programme) you can find on the website

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Miejskie Granie 2017 in Cracow


Live concerts for free!

If you like live music, this event is for you! You can know quiet a lot really good polish music bands. And YOU CAN DO IT FOR FREE! Miejskie Granie  is related to famous event, named Męskie Granie which takes place in  few bigger cities in Poland during last few years. It’s nearly impossible to get tickets for these concerts, which are sold in few minutes.  You have a chance to listen part of this concerts in Cracow.  Everything happens in  Dolnych Młynów (you can read about this place in article below) in every weekend you can come to the show in Samo Ż. For free you can hear young and famous polish artists.  Amazing event, great atmosphere guaranteed!!! Listen fantastic music and have fun !


Here you have a plan of concerts!


Always have music in you!

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Kraków Picnic!

Kraków Picnic !

Open air events and happenings

ALEX During all weekends in the summer, the Bednarski Park, Kościuszki Park, Zalew Nowohucki, Planty turn into huge picnic spots! You can catch up with friends, maybe do a bit of exercise, and – obligatory at a picnic! – snack on a little something directly from local producers and restaurateurs. There will be outdoor games for kids, artistic workshops and meetings with experts in all kinds of fields. Activities include culinary demonstrations, acrobatic exercises, bike polo tournaments, activities for expecting mums and yoga on the grass. And you’ll be able to hire free picnic blankets!

You have to go there and relax! Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city !

Nowy obraz.png

The Kraków Picnic is a long-running tradition of families taking to the countryside for rest and relaxation during the summer months. Spending the holidays in the city is a perfect opportunity to reconnect with Kraków’s green spaces.

See you there!!!

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Just one night in a year on 17th of June, you can’t miss it! The 11th Theatre Night, dozens of performances and accompanying events are shown on Krakow’s stages and throughout the city.


This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see how scenery is constructed, what is hidden behind the scenes, what a theatrical wardrobe looks like. A lot of performances are in Polish, but we can join a few events.

In Bagatela Theatre you can see the premier of Hollow Shells. Pavane with Shakespeare is presented by Court Ballet. The Opera Kraków invite you to join the concert Pensive Moon, Distant Stars. Moreover, if you like film music you can go to Variete Theathre, there you will hear recalls of the greatest hits of film music. At 16 in the Main Market Square Theatre KTO will present one of their performance Peregrinus. Really worth to see! Not far away for them Wokół Centrum Group will present moving dance spectacle The Mourners by the Town Hall Tower. Also there you can admire a demonstration of fire juggling by the Kraków Street Theathre.


Entry to all shows and events is free; however, you need to reserve seats at the theaters beforehand.

More information and schedule you can find on the website:,0,1,program.html

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shine (1)


As you know Cracow is noted for legendary Wawel Dragon which is know from legend. Here you can find link THE LEGEND OF THE WAWEL DRAGON ->


If you have been in Cracow, I’m sure you noticed that Cracovians really admire this fabulous character.  Hence, every year since 2000 in Cracow has been taken GREAT DRAGONS PARADE.

At the first weekend of June (3-4 June) you can join a spectacular event gathering thousands of dragon’s enthusiasts from Poland, Europe and all over the world.


The Dragon Festival will start the Dragon Family Picnic on Vistula Boulevards  which hold on all weekend.  During festival everybody can find something for themselves plenty of attractions: competitions, a funfair, various stands and games. The first day of the dragon’s feast will conclude with the breath-taking Great Open-Air Show on the Vistula. This is amazing show with music, fireworks and many others effects!

On Sunday Cracow will witness The Great Dragons Parade. In a colorful procession full of colorful, imaginative dragons will take part more than 1000 children.


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Krakow PHOTOMONTH Festiwal 2017


First PHOTOMONTH took place in 2001 since then is organize in every year in Krakow.
It has transformed into one of the most exciting and ambitious festivals on the map of photographic events, currently hosted in museums and most prestigious exhibition spaces in Krakow.

A varied program of exhibitions, not only photographic, enriched with meetings and other events, offers viewers a broad view of contemporary photography Poles and guests from abroad, famous and appreciated, and artists who have just established themselves in the artistic world, individual artists and collectors are invited to cooperate.


This event is really worth to see! You can find there a lot of inspiration and valuable peoples.  More information you can find on the website :

See you there!!!


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30th of April International Jazz Day.



„Kraków is iudoubtedly the cradle of Jazz in Poland

– jazz has resounded here for almost a century.”

On 25 – 30 April, Kraków will be Jazz capital again. It’s starts 23rd Young and Old, or Jazz in Kraków International Festival.  You can meet there famous stars of jazz from Poland and abroad  !

This’s years headliner is China Moses, but you also can see Zbigniew Namysłowski, Adam Bałtych & Helge Lien Trio and sight more! What more, on 25th of April in the centenary anniversary of the First Lady of Song – Ella Fitzgerald will be special concert Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald. It’s really worth to see!

Below you will see program of the festival.




Ticket sale :

św. Jana 2

tel. +48 12 354 27 25


Rynek Główny 9 (Pasaż Bielaka)
tel. +48 12 422 89 45

Kasa Krakowskiego Teatru Variete

Grzegórzecka 71

tel. +48 12 442 78 02

More information :

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You could have read about Dolne Młyny FOOD in the article above. Now, it’s high time to go a step further – DRINKS!!

We would like to recommend to you four amazing bars in Dolne Młyny area, in which you can taste many unusual drinks.

1.Weźże Krafta

If you love beer, this place is made for you! You can find here lots of original beers, starting with Czech lagers through Belgian wheat beer to unseen Polish craft beers. 25 beer taps – 25 savours! Enjoy!




MashRoom is an excellent hangout if you appreciate alternative atmosphere.  During the day you can try various kinds of coffee, lemonade and delicious snacks. Then, in the evening, you have to taste original cocktails in the READY TO DRINK formula. All ideas are guided by impressive rules – ingredients must be fresh, nothing lands in the basket, bartenders use every element of fruit or spice.  They are making incredible cocktails which you can try only there!


Projekt bez tytułu



A new place in Cracow with diversity of cocktails. They offer both classical and unusual, marvellous drinks.What is more, only in Lastriko you can listen to the best polish DJ’s and admire young artists’ pictures and pieces of art.




If you like alternative place with historical background far away from overcommercialized places, this is absolutely for you! In ZetPeTe, every evening is different! They organise parties, concert and openings. People who visit ZetPeTe want to create their own culture and society. Really worth seeing!




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